The Jonas Brothers is a boyband containing three brothers: Kevin, Joe, and Nick. They grew up singing in the church because their father was a pastor. Their father told them from a young age, “follow your dreams because they might happen.” This quote is what they lived by as they figured out what they wanted to become.

Nick, the quiet but talented one, pursued Broadway from the young age of seven. Joe, the middle child, continuously made jokes but loved to sing as he followed in Nick’s footsteps and also pursued Broadway and other singing activities. Kevin, the oldest, chose to follow a different path as he wanted to pursue commercials and conversing with people. One thing they all found to have in common was their love for music. They found that through their musical talents, they had fun singing together and creating music. One day, they all sat down and in a matter of hours, they wrote their first song together Mandy. They continued to play at small concerts, malls, or local schools but mainly played R & B music.

These brothers played for Columbia records and got signed in 2005. They produced the song Please Be Mine. The church thought it to be unfit for them to be writing non-Christian songs, so their father was fired from being the pastor. With these challenges, and poor sales Columbia Records dropped them. After struggling to succeed because they were dropped, they were eventually discovered by Disney.

Disney discovered the band in 2006 and decided to give them a record label. Through this record company, the Jonas Brothers began to produce various songs. They also covered a decent amount of Disney songs. After covering these songs, the Jonas Brothers decided to do the movie, Camp Rock. Disney only wanted Joe to be in the Camp Rock movie, but he refused to participate unless the whole band could be in it. The filming of Camp Rock took place in the woods, so they were absent from the outside world. While they were filming, their music and band was blowing up around the world. After the completion of filming, they immediately rose to fame. For the next two years, they released albums and went on tour. They signed to create their own TV show with Disney called Jonas. The first season of this brought in an exponential number of viewers. During this time, they continued to produce music and tour.

The Jonas Brothers were privileged to host the Nickelodeon Choice Awards and went on to film Camp Rock 2. While filming Camp Rock 2, they filmed their second season of their show, Jonas. This they later admitted regretting, because they thought that with the filming of their show, it was holding them back. After the completion of filming Camp Rock 2, the Jonas Brothers started to separate. Kevin started to have a family, separating himself. Nick officially split the band in 2013. Nick continued to go back to Broadway and create his solo albums. Kevin kept playing the guitar, but he and his wife had children. Joe was the lead singer in his new band, DNCE.

After several years of this, Nick brought his brothers together and decided that he missed the magic they once had. Nick Jonas once said, "I felt like there was a magic missing in those things that I was doing on my own that I wanted to feel again with the brothers." They decided to film a documentary together. Through this documentary, they realized how much they missed each other and missed playing together. Officially, they became a band again in 2019 with their album, Happiness Begins.


After the worldwide shut down caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Jonas Brothers have decided to come to Cleveland and play at the outdoor location of Blossom. With this they will play new music and some old music as people come together. Happily, the Jonas Brothers will be singing July 15, 2021, at Blossom. This event will be the highlight of my summer, and many of my friends’ summers as well.

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